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Bugatti veyron l’or blanc

HRE S101

following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf

Upper part of a statue of King Thutmose III  18th dynasty  1504 to 1452 B.C.



Even though I’m back home I still feel like I don’t have any time to truly have by myself or much time to be myself for that matter.

I feel that even though I said I wanted things to change things are not changing. I also wondered how I would feel knowing you’d be in the same environment as before and I don’t feel great, actually I feel like I’m the piece of shit that you’ve trodden in and can’t scrape off. The second best. Maybe it’s just me being an ass again? Feel like that’s always the reason. Gets me angry.

I’m hating being home and I’m hating the thought of going back to university for a far more complicated reason than obvious. Just guess I have more bad memories than I do good.

I’m never this shit about things, just seems I’m losing all my reasons to be optimistic. I’m also losing sleep over the thought of being mugged off.

I feel angin, I’m in bad shape and i’m starting not to care what I look like. Hello cake. Ha.

Guess I need to start gettin mah sheit together and start changing tings. BIG changes are happening and I know some people aren’t going to like it but I guess it it truly about time I put myself first and start focusing on my future.
… peace


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